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Tommee Tippee electric breast pump
Price: $120 ONO
Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature electric breast pump. Bought in September. EUC (only used 5-6 times) Comes with...

Family Day Care Vacancies
Price: $9-$14 per hour
Family day care vacancies in the Sebastopol area. I have two Wednesday places and two...

Baby clothing and accessories
I am a new mum and have decided to turn my hobby of sewing into...

Need a Babysitter?
Price: $20-$22 p/h
Please see the attached flyer for full details and references about and for my babysitting...

Price: $30 pp $40 couples

Intimo Pop-Up Shop for Valentine’s Day
Looking for something special this Valentines Day? Feel the Love and be Valentine Ready with...

Ladies Day
Ladies, treat yourself! Here's a great chance to get together with some girlfriends and treat...

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There is no doubt that digital technologies have disrupted our modes of teaching. The resources and inputs into teaching have changed to incorporate computer-aided approaches such as “flipped” classrooms, mobile-phone-enabled interactions, video capturing of lectures and enhanced mixed realities. The old “sage on the stage” model of teaching has been pushed into becoming the “guide […] read more

Why students make silly mistakes in class (and what can be done)

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Children often find it difficult to solve problems in the classroom, which can lead to silly errors being made. But are these mistakes made because of carelessness? Or is there another reason to explain why this occurs? A theory of learning known as “cognitive load theory” can help shed light on why children make mistakes. […] read more


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