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Australian Breastfeeding Association Mum’s Catch Up
Price: 0
Hi everyone, the Australian Breastfeeding Association is holding another mum's catch up on the 13th...

Mum’s catch up: Introdcution to Solids
Price: Free
Hi Ballarat mums. I would like to invite you to a mum-to-mum catch-up hosted by...

Five O’clock Fairies
Price: $30 p/h

***Birth (inc Pregnancy & Postpartum) Trauma Awareness Day – Coffee Morning***
Price: FREE
1 in 3 women describe their birth as traumatic - for some, that trauma doesn’t...

Price: FREE
On August 5th, The Creators Market is taking over Housey Housey (12 Armstrong St North,...

Kardinia Playgroups Ballarat
Kardinia playgroups are an ideal place for children to learn good social skills and begin...

Cleaning By Design
Price: Minimum 2 hours - starting price $60
We specialise in end of lease, regular & once off catch up cleans. Let us...

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Sharing photos of your children online

Article from The Conversation

When sharing photos of your children, please keep in mind the possible risks that could arise from doing this. Below is a list for you to refer to. Please remember to have your privacy settings on high and remember who you are willing to let view your photos before accepting friend requests. 1. Digital Kidnapping […] read more

Why learn spelling or maths if there’s an app for that?

Article from The Conversation

There is no doubt that digital technologies have disrupted our modes of teaching. The resources and inputs into teaching have changed to incorporate computer-aided approaches such as “flipped” classrooms, mobile-phone-enabled interactions, video capturing of lectures and enhanced mixed realities. The old “sage on the stage” model of teaching has been pushed into becoming the “guide […] read more

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