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Group Fitness

Price: First session is free then $60 for 6 sessions
Suburb: Ballarat Central

Come along and try AFL Active for free next week - Tuesday 6:00pm(3rd November) or Wednesday 5:30pm(4th November)! Program starts on the 10th of November

AFL ACTIVE is a group fitness workout that can help you burn calories and get fit & healthy in a new and fun way.
It’s built on the principles of having variety in your workout by using the unique combination of endurance, speed, strength, agility and dynamic movement.

So try four quarters of fun & fitness and experience something different:
Burn over 600 calories over a 50 minute workout
Get fit like an AFL athlete without having to kick, mark or handball a footy
Get fit and feel strong through a varied, high intensity program
Get a total body workout and burn fat
Grab your friends and have some fun


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