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Mum’s catch up: Introdcution to Solids

Price: Free
Suburb: Sebastopol

Hi Ballarat mums. I would like to invite you to a mum-to-mum catch-up hosted by the Australian Breastfeeding Association – Ballarat Group on the 22nd of June, at 10am at Kardinia Church, 65 Albert St, Sebastopol. It is an informal event, where mums of children of any age come together to discuss and share ideas on specific topics. The topic for the catch up is ‘Introduction to solids’ where we will share ideas on the introduction of family foods, the role breastmilk plays from the introduction of solids, family food allergies, etc. All mothers are welcome to attend regardless of how they feed their babies, non-members are also welcome. The catch up is free and morning tea will be supplied. There will be toys available to keep the littles ones entertained. A trained breastfeeding counsellor will also be present to help answer any questions you may have. Please share this invite with your friends. ABA mum-to-mum catch ups are a great way of meeting other mothers and making connections. Hopefully I will meet many of you there. For FB invite

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